Complete Limousine Management Solutions

ETTS ensures that any Limousine company can get the full value proposition from ETTS Limousine complete solution and that’s by categorising this value into 4 categories and customize it to match company’ business model and operations as bellow:

Passenger & Partners Application:
Passenger & Partner app is fully systematic application letting passengers and Partners to book DTC Limousines from anywhere .Scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling Limousine can be done with few taps over Smartphone without incurring any loss to the Limousine companies. The value proposition of this app is that with 2 simple taps over Smartphone the Limousine can be fetched to the doorstep of the passenger. Also a driver evaluation can be done by the passenger using the same app which can affects on the driver behavior and his profile KPIs’.

Driver Dispatcher Module and App:
A dynamic driver dispatch Panel is all set to respond its passengers over an tap. Each driver have their own login credentials . Upon activating GPS over driver Dispatch Panel, OCC can easily track limousine movements, assign and organize their position and manage drivers in a more efficient way. The value proposition of this dispatcher is that with 6 simple steps earns the driver a valuable customer.

Limousine Management Module:
ETTS Limousine management module saves investment over manpower by making it 99% automated software. The company Limousine Management Module automatically updates itself with every transactions occurring in your Limousine companies. Allow our efficient software to perform your Lim+D22ousine companies tough activities. And with a Super Administration Dispatcher comprises a set of ancillary services that intended to fulfil the business traveller needs for supported travel reporting, service customization and fare management. The administration services are available through profiles which can be created online by users. There are profiles for individuals as well for corporations.

Booking and Dispatching Module:
Trips are also assigned through (telephone, or online booking.) with the booking and dispatching modules OCC can receive passengers’ calls or booking and assign the nearest Limousine with the type and model requested to pick up the passengers.

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