Ambulance Management Solutions


This solution focus to make the ambulance available to a needy patient in the shortest possible time by redirecting the ambulance from a nearby location and in a shorter path, than the conventional way of sending the ambulance all the way from hospital to a critical spot…

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Complete Limousine Management Solutions

ETTS ensures that any Limousine company can get the full value proposition from ETTS Limousine complete solution and that’s by categorising this value into 4 categories and  customize it to match company’ business model and operations as bellow…

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Fuel & CNG Management Solutions


ETTS Fuel & CNG Management solution consist of the best blend of hardware and software to provide complete solution that provides real time fuel and Gas level monitoring….

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Complete Taxi Management Solutions

The distinct gap between the leisure traveller and the business traveller, in terms of demands, is the demand of ancillary services and flexibility attached to administration, reporting and pre-defined travel policies…

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Complete School Bus Solutions


ETTS School Bus Solution isn’t exactly new to school districts. Over time, more and more school districts have realized the accumulating benefits of using ETTS School Bus Solution.

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Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking Solutions


Business process today require real-time information about their movable assets and vehicles for the integration of their field services operations with the enterprise operations.

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