IoE and IoT Solutions (Smart Cities)


Internet of Things (also commonly referred to as “IoT”) is often used interchangeably with terms such as “Internet of Everything (IoE),” “Web of Things,” “Embedded Web,” “Machine to Machine (M2M)” and “Industry 4.0.” IoT has been a hot term over the last few years, but few have managed to visualize it simply.

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Solutions


Business today is getting more complex and the need for integration in every aspect is dominant, not only as a threat to efficiency but as a threat to security. Every business, from the smallest outlet to the biggest enterprise needs to have a certain degree of protection supported by proficiency and professionalism.

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CCTV Surveillance System Solutions


ETTS provides high end, best in the class CCTV Surveillance System to the various private and government sectors in UAE. Our expertise not only offers new surveillance system installation, but also upgrades the existing ones…

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Refrigerated Cargo Management Soltutions


ETTS provides live tracking of vehicles with position updates every 2 minutes. ETTS temperature solution allows you to easily review vehicle locations and utilization information, including dwell times, trips and stop information, dwell time at customer locations and more…

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Public Transportation Solutions


ETTS provides Fully Integrated Real-time Information Systems for Public Transportation Fleet Management. Our system offers the tools that enable you to take the pulse of your organization at any given point in time.

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Oil and Gas Management Solutions


ETTS Oil & Gas Management Solution allows you to achieve integrated and automated business processes, across upstream, midstream and downstream. These processes allow full visibility and the ability to monitor that assets have been secured, dispatched, and delivered – for a smart, controlled and efficient distribution system…

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