Mobile Video Surveillance Solutions

ETTS STAR’s System

ETTS STAR’s (Surveillance & Tracking Asset Reporting System) system provides for the real time capture and archiving (using 3G and 4G communications and a Mobile Digital Video Recorder) of CCTV surveillance from each School Bus. This can include up to 8 cameras including both fixed and PTZ (pan tilt zoom) if required.

Note: Typically we install 4 External Cameras and 3 internal cameras are per current DoT (Department of Transport) requirements for the UAE. This also allows an option to expand to a maximum number of 8 cameras in the future.

Each MDVR can be configured to report every XX seconds, (based on schools requirements, and only GPS data is transmitted during these set intervals). All video is stored locally on the MDVR internal HDD, and dependent on asset usage can store 1 – 3 months operations.

STAR’s 8-Camera s System

Don’t let your budget compromise coverage. This 8-channel digital video recording system gives you the camera coverage and ample storage capacity to capture what’s happening in and around a typical fixed-route bus. Plus, you get a few extras like dual hard-drives for added reliability and a built-in inertia sensor ideal for recording unsafe driving practices, Inside the Bus:

  • Reinforce safe driving practices.
  • Protect against false injury claims.
  • Deter crime & vandalism.
  • Ensure passenger safety.
  • Verify/deny accident claims.

STAR’s 4-Cameras System

This camera system is the ideal surveillance solution for smaller transit vehicles (Para-transit) or schools facing budget constraints. Supporting up to four cameras in and outside the bus, this compact system features high-resolution picture quality. A great system for capturing what’s most important:

  • Ensuring passenger safety.
  • Protecting against unwarranted litigation.
  • Deterring crime & vandalism.
  • Reinforcing good driver behaviour.

Live Fleet Tracking (Track any bus in your fleet in real-time)

Using ETTS CMS software (Client Management Software), shows the live video feed from each camera, and the asset’s real time GPS location. When clicking on the asset icon, additional data can also be displayed, i.e. direction, owning group, geo fences, and etc Reinforce safe driving practices. Each Video feed is overlaid with the Camera Location, i.e. Forward, Asset no, i.e. Bus Registration No, Time, Date & Speed and can be used for evidential purposes. Also the speed is calculated using GPS.

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