Oil and Gas Management Solutions

ETTS Oil & Gas Management Solution allow you to achieve integrated and automated business processes, across upstream, midstream and downstream. These processes allow full visibility and the ability to monitor that assets have been secured, dispatched, and delivered – for a smart, controlled and efficient distribution system.

Smart technology is easily integrated into truck and retail stations providing real time information ensuring a faster, secure and cost-efficient logistical processes for business – potentially delivering significant cost savings.

By combining complex technology with a simple hardware and software interface, Seven provide a rugged bespoke asset management system that is usable in the real world. Local work forces can successfully configure, deploy, maintain and manage a multi-point tracking system that links to a Central Command Centre business intelligence system. An efficient cost effective logistical solution.

This system is one example of how we can adapt our solutions specifically for your industry like:

  • Online monitoring of product storage
  • Sensor integration with real time monitoring
  • A single secure network that ensures data reliability for Business Intelligence and Wet Inventory tools.
  • Personnel Safety and Protection Systems
  • The Oil & Gas industry is characterised by remote and difficult to access facilities where the communications infrastructure can be limited

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