Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Business today is getting more complex and the need for integration in every aspect is dominant, not only as a threat to efficiency but as a threat to security. Every business, from the smallest outlet to the biggest enterprise needs to have a certain degree of protection supported by proficiency and professionalism. ETTS is authorized by Dubai and Abu Dhabi – Government Security Agency to provide efficient and comprehensive security solutions for the companies, who concern about their threat protection and people safety, needed to be integrated with various security solutions, including access control, bio-metric security, CCTV systems, face-recognition and other solutions.

ETTS technology professionals help clients align ICT resources with their business objectives and structure them to minimize key business risks. This often means assisting organizations to manage technology as a business, and helping organizations adopt leading practices in ICT management, quality assurance and ICT governance.

ETTS technology practice begins with the architecture discipline that is used as a transformational foundation for all other technology related activities.

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