Waste Management

“Nowadays managing waste has become a crucial issue for municipalities, government and private sectors due to tremendous increase in population and diminishing of the resources. Our high end customizable waste management solution reduces risks and handles critical operations as per the requirements of the waste management industries.”

ETTS waste management solutions optimize the usage of garbage fleet and if you want to make garbage collection more efficient and smart or want to solve complications occurring during dispatch or want to cover all the garbage bin locations in a predicted time period or want to calculate and estimate the number of fleets required for a particular region or an area, then we are the ones who can solve your all queries as per your requirements. With our integrated and innovative solutions you can remotely monitor your fleet activities and track them in a real time while they are on the move. We mostly offer our solutions and services to various government and private sectors in UAE.

With our high end waste management solutions you can…

  • Monitor your fleet on real time
  • Enhance dispatching capabilities of the dispatchers on the fleet
  • Optimize route and supervise the number of visits to the garbage bin sites.
  • Reduce idling, rash driving and vehicle misuse
  • Easily manage garbage fleet and vehicle utilization

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