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Emirates Transport Technology Solutions ”ETTS” is a semi government entity popularly known for providing high technology end- to- end solutions across various domains and industries.
ETTS has a proven track record in delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions. Our dedicated team promotes the use of various globally recognised methodologies and tools, with consulting and technical competence necessary to provide best-of- breed services. Our highly advanced solutions are higly trusted by the largest market shareholders in many industries.


At ETTS, four strategic elements underpin all we do and offer. They provide the framework that helps us create value for our customers and shareholders, and stay ahead of the competition.

1- Technology and innovation

At the core of our strategy is our commitment to technology and innovation. We design rugged, business‑critical solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the Internet of Things (IoT) that meet our Clients’ needs for long‑term 24/7 reliability. By focusing exclusively on our solutions development, and outsourcing production from only the very best suppliers, we can offer the quality and innovation that help our Clients improve their productivity, respond time more quickly to their own Clients’ needs and expand their operations.

2- Market position

The unmatched quality and reliability of our solutions and products helps us to acquire and retain clients while consolidating and expanding our position in new markets and geographical regions.

3- Operational excellence

Our dedicated, professional workforce is key to operational excellence. People at every level of the company share a commitment to working towards the highest possible quality, enhancing efficiency and containing costs without compromising your exacting standards.

4- Strategic partnership and acquisition opportunities

Our strategic partners are crucial to our success. We liaise closely with them to ensure ongoing improvements and efficiency. And we continuously evaluate strategic acquisitions of companies, technologies and products that we believe will accelerate one or more of the elements of our strategy.

Our Approach

Our approach as business & technology integrator includes the impact of the business requirements on the technology architecture and how it can deliver business value.

Our approach covers the enterprise requirements since enterprise integration brings systems and applications together to achieve the desired business results and reduce complexity.

Our proven approach focuses on delivering a complete solutions through business implementation to manage change resulting from system implementation and integration.

ETTS Core Values

ETTS has four core values that plays a key role in ensuring our:

business scalability, ease of integration, investment protection and world-class quality.


ETTS has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, consisting of experts in technology, design, engineering and business management. Our professionals anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

We are committed to excellence and talent. We look for people who want to offer solutions to the challenges of the cities of the future and the quality of life of citizens.

“Smart people build smart cities”.

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Red Crescent Building, Umm Ramool, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Po Box 5757
Email: info@etts.co