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ETTS School Bus Solution isn’t exactly new to school districts. Over time, more and more school districts have realized the accumulating benefits of using ETTS School Bus Solution.

ETTS has invented and integrated the school bus solution to improve student safety while also optimizing bus routes and enhancing communication with parents about transportation matters. ETTS School Bus Solution provides far more than just location information.

Because of the proof-positive results, UAE Government is attempting actually to mandate School Bus Solution. It’s even safe to assume that, once the issue of School Bus Solution hits the higher courts on a federal level, many more states in the UAE are going to follow suit.

ETTS ensures safe and smooth transport for all Students in all ages in UAE, by meeting the international safety standards & measures applicable to all school buses in each emirate.

We offer broad solutions and services that cover functionality, benefits, and impact on safety in the pupil School transportation industry.

We continuously update our ‘technology’ with the latest features that guarantee you will see a return on your investment many times over. You will improve productivity, reduce your overheads and provide a safer environment. Our services are offered at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, without compromising quality and reliability.

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