Public Transportation Solutions

ETTS provides Fully Integrated Real-time Information Systems for public transportaion fleet Fleet Management.Our system offer the tools that enable you to take the pulse of your organization at any given point in time.

Not only do you have the ability to better manage data and resources with route optimization data, but you also have the power to alert your passengers of schedule delays. We ensure your passengers stay informed by integrating with onboard peripherals such as automated voice annunciators, next-stop signs and online trip planning.

  • GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Real-time & Web-based passenger information systems
  • Next stop Automated Vehicle Annunciation
  • Automatic Passenger Counters
  • Traffic Signal Priority integration
  • Video security applications
  • Automated fare collection
  • multi payments methods and integration
  • wide range of passenger logs reportsa and payment management analytics.

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