Refrigerated Cargo Management Soltutions

ETTS provides live tracking of vehicles with position updates every 2 minutes. ETTS temperature solution allows you to easily review vehicle locations and utilisation information, including dwell times, trips and stop information, dwell time at customer locations, and more. ETTS provides refrigeration unit status updates every 2 minutes information includes unit on/off, set-point, return air, discharge air, mode of operation, active alarms, fuel levels, hour-meter readings and more.

Unit alarms are reported immediately showing the code, a description of the alarm and its severity (e.g. code red means the unit is shut down).
Alarms can be configured to be reported by email and/or SMS text message to multiple persons.

ETTS’ s solution can be easily configured to monitor the temperature of the cargo and report any ‘out of range’ conditions immediately via email or SMS text message.

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